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15 Hollywood Stars Who Are Rarely Noticed to Look Alike (Part 1)

Look Alike Hollywood Stars
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15 Hollywood Stars Who Are Rarely Noticed to Look Alike (Part 1)

These stars might be twins in another life, as for this point no blood relation guaranteed and only stranger policy apply. But who knows their ancestry lines share the same DNA and their current likeness is simply a practice of the law of probability.

As we’re pretty sure that it must have been recorded (somewhere) or anticipated (certainly but uncertain when), it’s just always fascinating to see unrelated people to look alike, especially when they happen to get into a particular proximity. Altogether part of Hollywood’s movie industry, despite one’s name is more heard than another, we bet you must have known them all. It’s just you rarely notice.

Matt Damon – Guy Pearce

Hollywood Stars

We’re also surprised seeing how similar they are in both stills above. 1) Matt Damon‘s side of pouting in a Jason Bourne’s fighting scene easily matches 2) Guy Pearce‘s doubting expression in Results. No blood relation guaranteed, only stranger policy applies since we’ve never seen both share likeness before. If you have, please let us know!

  • Damon in Jason Bourne (2016)
  • Pearce in Results (2015)

Nicholas Hoult – Ed Skrein

Hollywood Stars

When 3) Nicholas Hoult unleashes his cuteness, a glimpse of 4) Ed Skrein strikes our mind. The brand new Mr. Transporter is both tough and rough while the new X-Men’s Beast still shows abundant amount of mercy. This contradiction apparently makes both look somehow different yet much alike.

  • Hoult in Equals (2016)
  • Skrein in The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Katie Mcgrath – Keira Knightley

Hollywood Stars

If 5) Keira knightley  were  born  twins,  her twin would not be Natalie Portman but 6) Katie Mcgrath.  Portman doesn’t   have that  begging  eye  look  and  unyielding  jaw  line, makes Mcgrath Knightley’s  greatest  resemblance so far. And guess what, we got wronged to think both are English born.

  • Mcgrath in Merlin (2008-2011)
  • Knightley in Pride and Prejudice (2005)

J.J Feild – Tom Hiddleston

Hollywood Stars

7) J.J Feild  is  more  into  a  brother   instead  of   stranger  who surprisingly looks like 8) Tom Hiddleston. And beyond those similar face lines, Feild also share the similar aristocrat nuance which not many actors posses. Just like Jane (Keri Russell) bashfully admits, Feild plays his Darcy-ness very well.

  • Feild in Austenland (2013)
  • Hiddleston in The Night Manager (2016)

Maisie Williams – Natalie Dormer

Hollywood Stars

Is  it  just  us  or  do   both  truly  make  these  following   possible; mother-daughter, sisters, futureself? 9) Natalie Dormer  is  known for her unique eye winks as well as her smirking smile and 10) Maisie Williams just matches every of hers, particularly on this still. No blood relation guaranteed, don’t get Williams wrong for Dormer once she turns older.

  • Both in Game of Thrones (2011 – )

Freddie Highmore – Nicholas Hoult

Hollywood Stars

To  our  surprise,  little  11) Freddie Highmore  reminds  us  of  another kid  actor  turned   hot  rising star, Nicholas Hoult. Please blame that turned-up nose shape and  cute  lip granting  both  baby  faces forever.

  • Highmore in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)
  • Hoult in About a Boy (2002)

Gillian Anderson – Rose Bryne

Hollywood Stars

Another  pretty  pair  on  board!  12) Gillian Anderson  is  a  timeless  beauty, long  before  13) Rose Bryne rises into  the industry. The  first  is  an American-British  and  the  latter  is  Irish-Scottish, their beauty  truly represents the  decent  nature  of  mother earth!

  • Anderson in The X-Files (1993 – )
  • Bryne in X: First Class (2011)

Kathleen Turner – Michelle Monaghan

Hollywood Stars

They might  be barely  noticed  to  look  alike  but  we  do  see  how  these  cross-generation  actresses  share  so much likeness. It’s  just that  we  hardly  tell  either  this  still  is  taken  from  the same  angle  or  14) Michelle Monaghan is  indeed 15) Kathleen Turner‘s  lost  sister.

  • Turner in The Man With Two Brains (1983)
  • Monaghan in M:I3 (2006)
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