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47 Meters Down Movie Review: The Simple Idea Gets Us Rooting for the Thrilling Ride and Toothy Villains

47 Meters Down Movie Review
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47 Meters Down Movie Review: The Simple Idea Gets Us Rooting for the Thrilling Ride and Toothy Villains

This review contains no spoilers


Despite the simple idea and easy-to-follow (read: cos it’s not that predictable) plot, shark movie has always its own way to appeal us. It’s simply a territory in which our interest is always invested and our mind is always occupied, especially when it comes to a term of pitch black depth. But once The Shallows (2016) with only little depth proves it doesn’t take deep to spread a terror. So how does exactly 47 Meters Down prove it’s deep enough to haunt the characters along with the audience down there?

47 Meters Down literally offers cheap tricks around the premise but the thrill does feel real and nearly fulfills our expectation. If being grounded in a locked cage surrounded by hungry great white sharks doesn’t scare you, you would when realizing there’s only little oxygen left in the tank. And don’t underestimate the power of number when there’s no way you can survive but to get out of the cage and swim 47 meters up with guts.

The unfortunate characters are sisters, Lisa (Mandy Moore) and Kate (Claire Holt), who finally go under in order to experience something really fun during their vacation. Lisa who’s been very reluctant about this idea helplessly declines Kate’s persuasive attitude and her own emotional call. “How great would it be to show Stuart that she’s not so boring after all?” This thought crosses Lisa’s mind, affirming herself to keep going with the plan instead of wasting time mourning after her broken relationship.

47 Meters Down Movie Review

Then down they go, quite having a thrilling fun for the first few minutes. They even take some pictures to post on social media if they make it back to the surface. But such wish isn’t granted easily as the cable holding the cage frays, bringing down the sisters closer to their nightmare. Worse, the local men guiding them help so little as if they manipulated the sisters to be bait to catch sharks. But what shows up to be the worst is Lisa’s annoying behavior during the crisis. Her dialog sounds childish comparing to Kate, the younger one who supposedly behaves so. Down there, Kate is the first one to take courage to handle the situation while Lisa gets to learn how to manage her overwhelming fear.

The good news, regardless of how annoyed we’re by most of the characters, we root for the thrilling sensation and toothy villains. It never lacks of adrenaline-fueled ride, instead giving us more breath for the nerve-racking aquatic experience. The movie opens quite fast; introducing only a little background of the sisterhood and soon getting off the boat into the cage full of water. A quite worthy 85-minute-movie to watch after all.

Director: Johannes Roberts

Cast: Mandy Moore, Claire Holt, Yani Gellman, Matthew Modine, Chris J. Johnson

Duration: 85 mins


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