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We’ve been running for over 3 years now and we’re really grateful that our readers AKA MuviBlasters love those we write, create, and publish. We’d love to give more, thus enlighten you all with the good and the bad of movies.

Yes, there’s always be an itchy bitchy romance, a love-hate relationship, but as long as we can endure and pick up great lessons from it, our interest to, not only watch but also explore, grows stronger. It’s in our blood, a passion we’d love to work on, we work hard to simply blast it out.

Although we haven’t caught up with all at once, we’ve tried our best and staying around our site is the best you can give us in return. Hence, if you’re movie enthusiasts, we’d love to hear your noise!

Questions, feedbacks, and anything related to us, please send it to If you prefer to send us direct message on social media, please free to do so @MUVIBLAST (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Path). While waiting to be in touch with us shortly, have a great time watching!



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