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Alien: Covenant Trailer: The Alien-esque Idea of Human Origins and Its Seamless Mystery Continues

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Alien: Covenant Trailer: The Alien-esque Idea of Human Origins and Its Seamless Mystery Continues

We’re both excited and terrified watching the creepiness delivered in this 2-minute-something trailer of Alien: Covenant. It looks so promising that we start to fear we’ll experience another alien-esque nightmare.

It remains clear in our mind how Prometheus (2012) triumphantly terrorized our common sense with the idea of seeking God, to question His threat to human existence. Mankind is punished for being too overconfidence, if not too knowledgeable about His motive; death for those who can’t hang in and more questions to answer for the lucky survivor, Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace). But are these questions tailored to be answered or to create a seamless mystery instead?

The first stage hints that the plot Prometheus delivers to be predictable but when the new underlying mystery is introduced, it arouses us curiosity thus makes the revelation we think we know turn vague. Prometheus relates to previous Aliens (1979, 1986) but never allows us to jump quick to any conclusion. The idea of human origin, the belief of God as human’s creator, and every single thing we know about the concept of this universe are ripped off by this scientific alien-esque opinion which arouses us a thought of its proximity to the facts of Genesis. Hence, the characters’ belief especially Shaw’s, leads the idea more into an infinity, a forever mystery which only her faith can answer. The visual design is also so dark and mythical, hints only those with guts are allowed to enter, makes Prometheus a sort of one-way spiritual journey.

Let’s stop being hubristic as a brand new team led by Katherine Waterston’s Daniels and another Prometheus’s survivor, David (Michael Fassbender), seem to covenant with the alien-gods in order to give mankind another chance of life. Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t show any hint of the title, yet. It opens up with a scene of an uncontrollably emerging alien with an entrapped victim, lensed through a bloody port hole window.

Later we learn that this new team captained by Billy Crudup‘s undisclosed character has just found a deserted land of an alienated planet, a seemingly lost paradise. They’re too excited to realize the danger lies underneath; the undiscovered mystery of its inhabitant. Either they happen to find David and Shaw for a brief of backstory or enter the darkness themselves to understand completely, nevertheless, they likely to face a similar dead end. Learning from Prometheus, aliens don’t compromise and that nightmare we must get ready for.

Release Schedule: May 2017

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