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Annihilation Trailer: Mother Nature Has Her Own Way to Survive the Apocalypse

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Annihilation Trailer: Mother Nature Has Her Own Way to Survive the Apocalypse

It’s an adventure as well as a horror, thus reminds us of The Descent (2005) as Annihilation seemingly offers a similar landscape and group of heroines. But it’s also a science fiction along with a backstory that whatever mystery lies in the wild nature must appear more than just human cannibals.

Natalie Portman (Black Swan, Jackie) plays a role of a biologist as well as a wife whose husband is dying after escaping a strange land. It appears that his husband is dying of cancer as a result of an anomaly, arousing Lena (Portman) a great curiosity on what’s happening in the land.

Soon we learn that Lena and an expedition team (Tessa Thompson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, Tuva Novotny) enter a realm of nature they’ve never seen anywhere before. But what seems to be literally unexploited and inexplicably surreal is soon altered by horror once a alienesque creature appears. And the trailer is closed by a scene in which Lena is horrifyingly intoxicated yet explains that the situation isn’t as bad as we think.

“They’re not destroying us. They’re creating something new.” sounds really ambiguous, whether that creature who we strongly presume as the native of the land, is a Creator or a Creation of one’s hands. The idea is somehow inspired by the law of mother nature when she meets a far advanced civilization, when destruction equals rejuvenation and death means rebirth.

Annihilation is based on an award winning novel of Jeff VanderMeer. Having not read it yet, we already have this opinion; mother nature has her own way to survive the apocalypse. She doesn’t naturally bring in humankind but humans instinctively bring in themselves. Little do they know that only the chosen ones are allowed to be in. But we’re not pessimistic.

Directed by Alex Garland whose most works are praised; 28 Days Franchise, Dredd, Ex Machina, we believe that he will bring out the best of this mystery.

Release Schedule: February 2018


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