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Beauty and the Beast Trailer: Emma Watson Is Up to Play the Only Disney Beauty With Keen Intellect

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Beauty and the Beast Trailer: Emma Watson Is Up to Play the Only Disney Beauty With Keen Intellect

Having been (re) told for times, we’ve never lost anticipation to any adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, despite the story is actually never a beautiful princess meeting her beau. It starts with a curse instead of introduction of magic, true love instead of first impression. It allows both characters grow love naturally by giving one a chance to die and revive and another to realize that love doesn’t come easy.

Comparing to other Disney‘s beauties, Belle easily becomes favorite. Unlike her royal colleagues, Belle isn’t born a princess. She’s a daughter of poor old merchant who happens to be stranded on an isolated castle. Her fate gets an unexpected turn when she replaces her father’s place as well as becomes the only hope for Beast to break his curse.

But Belle is as pretty as the rest. Hence, her rare intelligence stands her out among anti-Disney princess fans. She’s an avid reader with sharp common sense, thus knows that real beauty should come from the inside. That’s why she finally falls for Beast despite his fierce look and cold attitude, and seeing Emma Watson (Harry Potter, Noah, Colonia) play the brand new Belle, just fits the specs.

Regardless of her once being the studious Hermione Granger, Watson herself is known as a keen mind. Her stardom never fails her behavior. We watch her looking forward to playing different characters, making her portfolio at least diverse. A smart brain on-off screen, Watson is perfect to portray a modern live-action’s of Belle. With the rising Dan Stevens (The Guest) as Beast and along with dazzling production set, we simply wait for their ice breaking turned passionate chemistry while dancing at the great hall.

The teaser trailer is a blend of beauty and mystery of Beast’s icy castle, with only few dimmed corners to reveal. You can assume hearing households talk and cheer Belle’s arrival once she pushes the main door. And just like Cinderella with her glass slippers, the end of this trailer focuses on the icon, a glass-caged red rose counting down the days of Beast’s curse.

Directed by Bill Condon (Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, 2) and an interesting ensemble lining up behind Watson; Luke Evans (Dracula, F6) as Gaston, Ewan McGregor (The Island, Jane Got a Gun) as Lumiere, Ian McKellen (LoTR, The Hobbit, X-Men) as Cogswarth, and Emma Thompson (Nanny McPhee, Brave) as Mrs. Potts, please let any expectation go high.

Release Schedule: March 2017

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