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Before We Go Movie Review: Despite the Weak Plot and Script, the Pair Delivers Their Own Sensitivity to Build a Heartfelt Romantic Night

Before We Go Movie Review


Before We Go Movie Review: Despite the Weak Plot and Script, the Pair Delivers Their Own Sensitivity to Build a Heartfelt Romantic Night

This review may contain mild spoilers


Before leading Avengers, Chris Evans (Captain America, Avengers) used to be known playing a heartthrob with his smiling eyes and charming look in romcom movies. And suprisingly, even now with that serious face and strong ideals of a Cap, he’s still good at winning a woman’s heart.

Thus, with such leadership skills, this time Evans not only acts but also directs his first ever movie. Simple and intimate, his directorial debut is far from the hustle and bustle of a destructive war, stunts, and special effects. Hence, called Before We Go, Evans plays a kind of serious guy especially after an accidental event with Brooke Dalton (Alice Eve) during a night.

Yes, please call it romance but comedy because Evans plays a seriously gentleman here. His character, Nick Vaughan,  a street jazz trumpeter doesn’t goof around Brooke but persistently helps her out of series of trouble, troubles which actually gives him both restriction and opportunity in terms of winning her heart.

From the very first glance Nick sees Brooke run passing him to catch the last train at Grand Central Station, New York, we know he falls for her. His heart then quickly flusters seeing Brooke desperate after missing the train. By the time it’s Brooke’s turn to get flustered, Nick sees his chance within her situation. At least, this is Brooke’s verdict on a stranger like Nick.

Before We Go Movie Review

Meeting Mr. Right in an Unsettling Night

Without acknowledging whether Brooke is married or single, Nick gives himself a shot to grab that chance, which actually doesn’t exist. But as the hours pass by, Brooke gets curious with the event happening to her and Nick. Is it just a coincidence or a fate? “It’s possible, isn’t it? It’s possible that you could meet somebody who’s perfect for you even though you’re committed to somebody else.”

Does she hint him that such chance might reveal itself in future time? Does she hint him to give her some time to settle her marital issue before they can unite for good? Seemingly she does by seeing how this movie ends, we admit that Nick and Brooke have successfully sparked a chemistry by spending a memorable a quality time.

Brooke is trapped in a very unsettling night. Her phone experiences severe breakdown and her other belongings are stolen. The worst, she misses the last train which should have brought her home before her husband does. With such situation, in our opinion, her meeting with Nick is a fate.

But fate doesn’t come easily. Brooke is never good to strangers. She declines his assistance and even fakes her name before finally seeing his motive is truly genuine. Seemingly romance sparks between the two, Alice knows she can’t go further. So does Nick, but keep accompanying her all night instead.

Before Sunrise’s Look Alike

We remember how Celine and Jesse of Before Sunrise (1995) grow love by switching ideals and perspectives despite the very minimalist scheme; they simply walk each other and talk diverse topics. However, there’s so much depth in their conversation involving ego, doubt, and desire, resulting in both decision not to act like fools rush in.

On a broader note, both grow love without expecting the harvest time to be soon. It will come at the right time, otherwise, they should spend more time knowing each other as they’re not meant to be paired that soon in Before Sunset (2004).

And Before We Go is likewise even it’s not equally original and intriguing like those Richard Linklater‘s. Obviously inspired by the love story between Celine and Jesse, particularly the moment of finding one trueself in somebody else new, Evans gives the pair a similar moment but a hint of Nick shares his number by the time Brooke leaves.

Before We Go Movie Review

Both Evans and Eve are appealing on screen despite the plot and script aren’t that strong enough to compete Before Trilogy. We don’t mind Nick’s having crush on a first sight with Brooke but these series of event including retrieving Brooke’s bag from the Chinatown fencing operation and asking her to use a public phone as time machine, fail to heat up the romance.

This type of love story requires large amount of sensitivity. It doesn’t have to be loud but constantly growing towards an agreeable climax. It can’t be rushed thus the lovebirds of this story aren’t fools but a sensible pair with ability to balance each other. Fortunately, Evans and Eve play their parts quite convincing that we expect to see more of Nick and Brooke rekindle their love in a sequel.

Director: Chris Evans

Cast: Chris Evans, Alice Eve, Mark Kassen

Duration: 95 mins

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