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Can the Usual Nerdy Jesse Eisenberg Play the Sturdy Villain Lex Luthor?

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Can the Usual Nerdy Jesse Eisenberg Play the Sturdy Villain Lex Luthor?

Jesse Eisenberg has been long known playing nerdy characters with awkward behaviour but this tradition might stop as soon as the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice hits the release date.

Eisenberg whose resume is mostly occupied by non-mainstream roles; a college graduate working in a theme park Adventureland to a dropped out smart-ass turning young billionaire Mark Zuckerberg (The Social Network), finally gets a chance to show some teeth but less hair. Yes, first thing goes for Eisenberg is to give up his signature curly hair style and go bald for this role.

We actually hardly believe Eisenberg had signed to play the bald bad ass Lex Luthor opposite the towering Henry Cavill. But thats’ the truth. Eisenberg who is soon reteaming with  Kristen Stewart in American Ultra is indeed playing the most notorious Superman’s rival.

Although we’re still not convinced enough with Ben Affleck as Batman, and now Eisenberg as Luthor, this Man of Sequel’s is definitely a surprise.  Affleck is truly awesome with Argo and the same thing goes to Eisenberg with his Zuckerberg. The big question here is whether they possess that fierce and intimidating persona for this blockbuster. We’ll see …

Lex Luthor

Luthor is both a sophisticated and complicated character. Somehow the fact that he’s a nefarious villain and a good friend of Superman’s alter ego, Clark Kent, makes his character so intriguing. Although Luthor isn’t a superpower born, his wealth, his intellect, and his prominence somehow able to challenge and balance the mighty steel of Superman.

Long story short, Eisenberg definitely has his intellect and might have the look once he goes bald. But we kinda doubt Eisenberg can deal well with his wealth and ambition on materials. Either he can act out of the box to make Luthor look more believable or make him look more pitiful instead.

With Eisenberg on board, a new and unxpected direction might bring this character to another level. Regardless the result, we’re pretty sure Eisenberg’s Luthor will experience a transformation we’ve never seen before. All we need to do is just to have a faith on Zack Synder that he’s picked the right men for these big roles.

Release Schedule: March 2016

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