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Can Unspoken Words Speak on Behalf of Love? This Short Movie Might Be a Great Help

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Can Unspoken Words Speak on Behalf of Love? This Short Movie Might Be a Great Help


Moment of Valentine had passed but there’s nothing wrong with having a blooming romance lasts in your air, as long as you want it. Unfortunately, not everyone is part of a pair and some couples might be having a break. They might feel their hearts so empty and crave a mood for love which unfortunately hardly comes down straight their way.

We understand that finding a perfect match isn’t an easy job. It needs you to struggle and go through the pain. You have been in vain and got stuck in a mundane Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, even Saturday night like tonight. Thus, if you’re one among many who still experience such dilemma, we recommend you to spend just a little time watching this intriguing and heartwarming romantic short movie called Signs.

Why do we love it? We found this movie quite long time ago in 2009 but just got time to share now. It’s not a silent movie even no words spoken by the characters, however, those unspoken words are able to speak out how twisted love can be yet how effective they are in finding a (true) love.

Sign Short Movie Review

Sign Short Movie Review

You go watch and find some heart-wrenching scenes, especially when the Zooey Deschanel-like (played by lovely Kestie Mosrassi) writes on her paper  “I was watching you first” and “Thought you’d never ask” and shows them to the lonely guy (played by Nick Russell). Following this scene, they finally end up facing each other, gasping for love in the midst of street crowd before the closing credit starts. We bet your heart melt once seeing.

And if you’re curious about the one behind this award winning 12-minute movie, we’ll give you a name, Patrick Hughes. Sounds familiar? Yes, he’s the director of The Expendables 3 (2014) and has been announced to direct the Hollywood remake of Gareth Evans’s The Raid in which Taylor Kitsch (John Carter) and Frank Grillo (Purge Anarchy) join as actors.

Although somehow considered as a copycat of Oscar-winning animated short film, Paperman (2012) (or vice versa), we personally find Signs digs more depth and emotion which are successfully transmitted through Katie and Jason’s message sent back and forth behind the wall glass. So, if you now finally care about how Signs might work for your love life, don’t keep your suspense any longer. Check it above and liberate some romance in the air tonight!

Director: Patrick Hughes

Cast: Nick Russell, Kestie Mosrassi

Duration: 12 mins


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