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Captain Underpants Trailer: An Overweight Superhero Who Doesn’t Fit Latex Bodysuit but XL Underwear

Dreamworks Animation


Captain Underpants Trailer: An Overweight Superhero Who Doesn’t Fit Latex Bodysuit but XL Underwear

The idea is too hilarious. When an overweight superhero doesn’t fit a latex bodysuit, a cotton mixed polyester underpant becomes an ideal alternate. Regardless of one or both following reasons might ring true; Captain Underpants has tried so many costumed but not even one prevails or he’s truly reckless about being full covered, the idea still sounds hilarious.

Captain Underpants Trailer Review

The idea of a superhero wearing only white underpant comes from Dav Pilkey, who has authored and illustrated total of 15 books. It’s not recently that Dreamworks Animation shows interest to adapt the story but since the first book was published in 1997.

The story starts with a mischievous duet of George and Harold who get fed up with with the temper of Mr. Krupp, the headmaster in their school. The mischief goes wild when they successfully hypnotize Mr.Krupp into a superhero any universe has never thought before. However, Captain Underpants is neither muscular nor having cool gadgets around. Instead, he’s s a sort of animated Kick-Ass, living by the heroic spirit but no superpower nor combat skills. He runs off towards danger, literally without strategy but all guts. Sounds naive?

The truth is things get more hilarious as Captain Underpants is an animation, making any interpretation visually possible, any joke off the limit, and of course, any laugh so loud. Voiced by Kevin Hart (The Wedding Ringer, CIA) and Thomas Middleditch (The Final Girls, Joshy), Captain Underpants seems easy to please as both are experts in pulling off slapstick. The animated characters also resembles the real Hart and Middleditch, a visual support to create more engagement with the audience. It’s just this movie might show too much skin for children to watch as there’s no way Captain Underpants gets his torso covered by singlet. That’s not the plan.

Release Schedule: June 2017


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