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CHiPS Trailer: A Strong Hint That the Buddy Cop Plays Gay Comedy With Fun Deficit

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CHiPS Trailer: A Strong Hint That the Buddy Cop Plays Gay Comedy With Fun Deficit

We watched the trailer and it’s guaranteed that Dax Shepard won’t play any Hit and Run scheme here. Instead, he’s a motorcycle patrol police who will be chasing after every criminal speeding at Los Angeles freeways. Look, he’s in a movie adaptation of a TV serial, CHiPS, alongside Michael Pena (Ant-Man, Collateral Beauty) playing a strictly mannered partner.

Originally aired in 1977, there’s a span of almost 40 years before the movie is released. The serial itself was a hit, popularizing the police duet, Ponch and Jon. And just like the serial, the chase sequence and light-heart comedy are two most anticipated elements to see in the movie. However, this first trailer shows Shepard trying hard to look cool rather than funny, leaving Pena most of the comic timing. It also shows many scenes of gay comedy but a fun deficit.

Either it’s a new source of (dirty) fun or a deviation from the serial, the new style of comedy turns CHiPS more than an adaptation. Also given a different tone, CHiPS is a reboot which, from the scenes shown on the trailer, we conceive hardly live up to expectation of the serial, since this sort of project will always get compared. A strong hint that Shepard and Pena can’t work out the awkward fun into a spark of solid buddy, just lingers uninvited.

Shepard plays Jonathan “Jon” Baker, a worn off pro motocross rider who looks for a sober life, while Pena plays Frank Llewelyn “Ponch” Poncherello, an undercover agent inside the California Highway Patrol (CHiPS) team. Shepard got another shot to channel his behind-the-scene skills by writing, producing, and directing the movie. His biggest directorial project so far, Shepard re-recruits his on-off screen partner, Kristen Bell (When in Rome, Hit and Run), playing Jon’s wife who seems to be also displeased by his new job.

Release Schedule: March 2017


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