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Dunkirk Trailer: Seemingly a Very Promising War Piece and Exceptional Tribute to the Event

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Dunkirk Trailer: Seemingly a Very Promising War Piece and Exceptional Tribute to the Event

The trailer highly promises an intense and emotional nuance. The premise lingers on true event, Battle of Dunkirk in 1940, which resulted in a great devastation for Allied Forces. Focusing on putting up remaining defense and seeking refuge instead of battling in a war, the trailer gives us a nightmare on how disarmed the actual condition was.

An opening scene of the vast bluish sea and sandy beach is scary yet beautifully shot. It signals a brief silence prior to the aerial bombing, when the danger is so close to hit yet the troops are overwhelmed by fear. There’s no escape door while bombs are dropped right above their heads. Then these questions crossed our mind just quickly “Will they survive? How will they survive?” These just kept coming back as following scenes turn brutal and chaos, making every survival impossible.

Don’t worry much Dunkirk will go wrong as impossibility is the main idea of this filmmaking. It’s a new piece of visionary Christopher Nolan (Batman New Trilogy, Interstellar) with a goal of an antiheroic war film as well as exceptional tribute to the event. Nolan mentioned he’s not interested to dig deep through particular characters. Instead, he takes a landscapic approach to retell the event; an interesting technique potentially giving us that intense visual experience. Through Nolan’s point of view, we can say that regardless of any real zero-to-hero emerged at that time, the triumph is believed to be won by going through a natural process of handling such crisis. Many died and only few survived, it’s a situation unfortunately fully controlled by time and luck.

The trailer shows minimum dialogue and no female cast. Nolan’s current favorites; Tom Hardy (Inception, The Dark Knight Rises) and Cillian Murphy (Batman Begins, Inception, The Dark Knight Rises) land on quite important roles while a new star, Fionn Whitehead, is prepared for the major thing. Nolan also get some of his favorite veterans; Kenneth Branagh (Valkyrie, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit) and Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies, The BFG) and a lovable X factor, ex-One Direction‘s Harry Styles, to come aboard his forces.

Nothing much to spoil about since the impossibility is a scene we must watch ourselves. Of course, we have a sort of feeling that Dunkirk will not let us watch in ease. Just like previous Nolan’s works which kept us weeks in suspense after watching, Dunkirk is seemingly to do the same.

Release Schedule: July 2017


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