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F8 Trailer: When the Most Divisive Scheme Comes From the Most Reliable in the Family

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F8 Trailer: When the Most Divisive Scheme Comes From the Most Reliable in the Family

The most divisive scheme to set a family against each other is by tearing their trust apart. And so does The Fate of the Furious AKA F8 break the knot by plotting Dom (Vin Diesel) a betrayer out of sudden. How could he?

It’s unbelievable that this franchise decides to take such a sharp turn; a turn which brings a different nuance we’ve never seen before. Once, Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) lost her mind and turned Dom’s life upside down. But when it comes to Dom’s turn to enter his dark side, the whole family is inflicted. What’s even sadder is Dom’s sudden change is during his early pages of normal life. He and Letty finally get married and the rest of the family get liberated. Who ever expects to see Dom so twisted after all the glory of past installments?

F8 proves that happiness can’t last long in this fast furious world. It changes fast and every maneuver is unpredictable. But F8 also proves that this franchise stays strong after going through a long tough track of unconditional love and solid friendship, which finally unite them as family on-off screen. Their love for each other was even tested by the tragic death of Brian O’Conner’s Paul Walker in 2013. The shooting of F7 became suddenly tough and rough, in other words was almost impossible to get done. It was a severe loss, breaking all crews both mentally and physically.

But here we are now, about to step in another chapter yet let every good memory of Walker linger everywhere. The plot and cast are enhanced altogether with Charlize Theron (Huntsman: Winter’s War) and her sinister motive on board. Theron plays a mysterious baddie named Cipher who mind-manipulates Dom. Assumingly overwhelmed by the pressure she gives, Dom risks his family’s trust at stake, causing them to feel taken aback. Or is it really Dom going suddenly mad due to a brand new backstory never told before?

Besides Diesel and Rodriguez, reprising their roles are Dwayne Johnson (Luke Hobbs), Tyrese Gibson (Roman Pearce), Ludacris (Tej Parker), and Jason Statham (Deckard Shaw). With Walker went silent, Jordana Brewster is necessarily absent from this installment as her Mia is told to settle down elsewhere with Conner. Besides Theron, Helen Mirren (The Queen, Collateral Beauty) is rumored playing a mysterious role. Is she another femme fatale performing some Red-esque wetwork skills? Directed by F. Gary Gray whose most notable work, Straight Outta Compton (2015), was well-received, F8 is likely to deliver a promising pre-summer opening.

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Release Schedule: April 12, 2017


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