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Fifty Shades Freed Trailer: The Feisty Romance Finally Goes Legal

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Fifty Shades Freed Trailer: The Feisty Romance Finally Goes Legal

A teaser trailer for the the final chapter of Fifty Shades series has been released, showing the newlywed get more feisty with their relationship. With some rules broken in Darker (2017) and no rules applied in Freed, Ana (Dakota Johnson) and Christian’s (Jamie Dornan) intimacy finally goes legal, bounding with real commitment instead of few sheets of contract. They are now married or in other words, Christian’s everything is now Ana’s and vice versa. “All that I have is now yours.You own this? We own this.

But reading the novel, we learn that what Christian wants is only Ana, and so does Ana but in a way completely different. Christian wants Ana for himself without considering what she wants from marriage while Ana wants to heal Christian all in and out. No wonder shortly after a lavish honeymoon, their principles about life after marriage get conflicted, worsened by some situations misunderstood by each other. From Christian’s point of view, Ana’s decision to keep her maiden name disrespects him and Ana’s unplanned pregnancy disregards him. As a result, Ana gets hormonal, suspecting Christian still longs for BSDM lifestyle with his godmother, Elena (Kim Basinger).

Whoever is wronged, at least, this show that both are just a normal couple who find it’s hard to get along even after having each other. They must learn that sex can’t control self-dependence, hurtful pride, and prejudice. Their sex must have got no stake at this level. With director on board is still James Foley (Fifty Shades Darker) and most cast members reprise their roles, Fifty Shades Freed is (again) released during Valentine moment in 2018.

Release Schedule: February 2018



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