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Get Deeper With the Sinister Trick Amazing Amy Plays on Her Husband

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Get Deeper With the Sinister Trick Amazing Amy Plays on Her Husband

Although David Fincher’s Gone Girl can’t make its way to win the Oscar (but its leading actress, Rosamund Pike), the way it appeals audience on screen is already a triumph. On paper, the thrill, the twist, and the inevitable surprise is brilliant, and on screen it’s even more. Gone Girl will always be a spotlight as there’s a sort of rare elegance in this Amazing Amy‘s story.

Subtle and flawless, Amy Elliot represents the rare qualities of a woman can possess. Also a non-conformist, Amy is a character of her own, uninfluenced by norms, thus ignorant to them. She knows that everything deserves something and everything should fall on its place, thus when his husband, Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck), cheats on her, she plans a smart revenge. As you know it, the way she punishes him is so mind-blowing.


Cool Amy Is a Fucking Lie

Yes, we agree that a cheating husband can’t escape his wife’s nightmare and watching Amy doing so brings us to realize she is actually doing a right thing. Don’t let men think they hold control of the game; fucking marriage they have lust at first and get bored in the end.

However, as we learn, we understand that Nick’s affair is a result of Amy’s lie and we finally kinda tolerate him. (Sorry Amy…) Nick is told to be attracted by Amy’s amazing inside-out. Amy who is actually too smart to be Nick’s sweet treat, seems to enjoy and decides to see how things go with Nick, seeing how things go makes Amy that Cool Girl Nick has always wanted. But Cool Amy can’t live forever and the worst, she never actually exists. Amy, the Cool Girl is a fucking lie.

The lie going beneath suddenly stops and ruins their phony happy marriage. Nick gets uninterested, gives up on Amy, and cheats behind her. Amy who figures out Nick’s affair can’t let him escape without a lesson. “Nick must be taught a lesson. He’s never been taught a lesson”.  Now Cool Amy is just Amy who is naturally non-conformist and even takes this opportunity to learn who she truly is. Instead of feeling guilty for the lie she’s done all these years, Amy goes further being subjective by taking Nick’s affair as a shield for her narcissism.


Sweet Revenge for Nick From Lovely Amy

Everyone must think that cool Amy has turned into a sinister after seeing what she’s planned to frame Nick. That sweet treat Nick enjoys is gone. Nothing left but a sweet revenge from a wife to her beloved husband. Just if Nick knew earlier that the one he was dating wasn’t the real Amy, he might not show interest at all.

Since the first day of her wife’s missing, Nick doesn’t show much interest of finding her back, seeming like he has let her gone already. But Amy is too amazing to lose, thus she should be found. Once after Amy sees on TV how much Nick actually cares for her, her heart rekindles for him and finally takes a right turn. A right turn for Amy to continue her lie, but a curse for Nick, as he finally knows her ugly truth.

We describe Amy as a sweet, complex, and intimidating, a control freak in a form of a perfection. So far, Nick plays it well, a modest charming guy who tries to be the man of such an amazing woman. Although Nick isn’t the guy he pretends to be, he still plays it safe, something normal to do for a guy to attract an intellect inside Amy. But Amy plays it too hard, makes Nick want her to be literally GONE unless she reveals she’s pregnant with his child after all this sinister journey.


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