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Jackie Trailer: Bringing Another Awards Season for Natalie Portman

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Jackie Trailer: Bringing Another Awards Season for Natalie Portman

It’s another awards season for Natalie Portman whom the last time we remember winning almost all Best Actress nominations for playing troublesome Nina Sayers in Black Swan (2010). This year, her role in Jackie brings her even stronger golden buzz (read: Oscar). Yes … the American Jew actress shows more complex emotions in portraying the struggling First Lady post her husband’s assassination.

For most actors, biopic role is always challenging yet promising and to Portman is no exception. To mimic someone, especially a public figure whose life and style is always noticed, is never an easy job but Portman seemingly takes hers safe and sound.

Considered as a late boomer in this genre (read: Portman only did Anne Boleyn in The Other Boleyn Girls (2008)), Portman proves she can nail as good as her colleagues who had done earlier. Unlike Naomi Watts whose Diana (2013) flopped hard and Michelle Williams (read: in My Week with Marilyn (2011)) who slipped the nomination to Meryl Streep (Iron Lady), Portman is likely to grab greater chance though her contenders  (read: Emma Stone for La La Land, Amy Adams for Arrival, Isabelle Huppert for Elle) won’t fall easy.

Jackie is definitely not Portman’s comfort zone. Struggling with the 35th First Lady’s dialect and range of vocals, Portman did a vast research through available documentations. Portman also struggles in portraying Jackie’s dual personalities which guarantees her an Oscar nomination, if she succeeds nailing this point.

Jackie centers on Jacqueline Lee Kennedy Onnasis during her period of deep mourning after her husband, John F. Kennedy, was shot during a political trip. Following his husband’s death, her life was shaken up as well as drew sympathy from the public; a premise which suits Portman well but might trap her in a tedious sort of character instead. Only if Portman takes this chance to explore her dramatic best, her Jackie will be convincingly intimidated by the incident as well as all the attention following it. Yet, a tearful and disturbed Portman still looks gorgeously beautiful, especially in those iconic vintage style costumes.

Release Schedule: December 2016

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