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JL Movie Review: Too Soon to Judge They’re Better Off Alone, It’s Just a Matter of Time Before Superman Returns, Stealing Spotlight

Justice League
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JL Movie Review: Too Soon to Judge They’re Better Off Alone, It’s Just a Matter of Time Before Superman Returns, Stealing Spotlight

This review contains mild spoilers


When Steppenwolf (Ciarán Hinds) and Parademons step up as enemies to the newly formed Justice League AKA JL, we must understand that the real contenders are only those with superpowers. Apparently, JL members are all superheroes except Batman (Ben Affleck) as he’s born way too rich. He’s so rich that he comes up with this groundbreaking idea; unifying super individuals under secrecy into his own league. We make it clear; he makes himself a boss is the only way to compete with the super term.

Batman’s idea does no wrong especially after Superman’s (Henry Cavill) death and Wonder Woman (WW) (Gal Gadot) is reluctant to go public. It’s just the plot wrongs Batman in many ways. JL is no more about his rivalry with Superman. Batman’s super contender has gone. Second, his tactical skill makes little use on fighting the super villain. It’s just fair enough if Batman stays out of problem and let his super colleagues do the dirty job. Batman is needed the most when it comes to risky business, e.g resurrecting Superman with the aid of Mother Box. He makes a good distraction too during the final fight only for WW, Superman, Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Flash (Ezra Miller), and Cyborg (Ray Fisher) to hit the hot button.

Justice League

But it’s not totally Batman’s fault if the band of heroes lack of teamwork. No one asks to be in the team. Vice versa, Batman is also not a perfect leader, yet. Seemingly they are new in the universe and need to adapt, just like WW who now finally handles her complication quite well. Affleck’s Batman gets older, wiser, as well as lacks his flamboyance. His voices now speak louder than actions, allowing the team to overshadow him physically. Is it really what Batman is up to now? Or is it merely a script problem could’t find Batman equal to the rest but always Joker? We would prefer the latter.

The script has always been an issue for DCU (read: you know we count out Nolan’s Batman Trilogy). So does it happen again, making the plot bland and the glorious ending so predictable (read: while the previous film’s ending is hard to read but funnily awful). Since only Superman who can defeat Steppenwolf and his army, it’s just a matter of time Batman cs before the Kryptonite-born comes alive again. We all know that all eyes are on Superman. Stronger, wiser, and more admirable, Superman can beat up the scores easily, except for his being not that rich. An awful dilemma yet always effective to put these DC ultimate heroes in equal state.

Bad news, any script will find it hard to change the nature above. Worse, expectation on JL to be contented with substantial drama of friendship will be failed since they’re not there yet. Love and romance bloom only when Clark Kent returns home, warmly welcomed by his charming lover, Louis Lane (Amy Adams) and loving mother, Martha (Diane Lane). At least here comes a breath of change.

For now, just if you’re curious, there’s no way JL beat Avengers. JL is still far behind even Flash plays slomo comedic almost always in time, and pretty works (read: than Quicksilver). JL must find out the why they’re in the team instead of seeking justice on Earth. Is there a threatening weapon being made or an ultimate enemy about to rise? Or a personal issue of one becoming domestic to the rest? Or anything but a mundane routine of superheroes who act only when the terror comes? Or is it better when they’re all off alone?

Director: Zack Synder

Cast: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Ray Fisher, Jason Momoa, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Ciarán Hinds, Jeremy Irons

Duration: 120 mins


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