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Justice League Trailer: Among New Sidekicks, Batman Seemingly Gets His Spirit Up

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Justice League Trailer: Among New Sidekicks, Batman Seemingly Gets His Spirit Up

Batman has mostly appeared as a child prodigy turned traumatic adult superhero (even he shows he also can pull off mean jokes in form of Lego blocks). He’s also mostly appeared showing off combat skills and physical resilience, as he’s … hmm, born without superpower. But this what makes Batman so special; the only human who becomes the biggest contender for Superman.

It’s his wealth who works behind the scene; building a tech empire, dreadful enough for anyone looking for riot in Gotham. Nevertheless, Batman is sometimes a lost child with a need of light of guidance, either in a form of hardcore training from Henri Ducard AKA Ra’s al Ghul (Liam Neeson) or pieces of advice from Alfred the Butler (Michael Caine), showing Batman hardly make a suitable candidate being a mentor.

But here’s what Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) is made for. Batman gets older and wiser, realizing that his prejudice on Superman fails him. Hence, despite Gotham can still remain safe under his nightwatch, the world beyond it is vice versa. Batman is aware that once again it’s his responsibility, a responsibility which insists him to take a larger step in life.

Batman can’t bear this weight alone anymore. It’s beyond Gotham but a whole DC universe, therefore, Justice League becomes necessary. With the help of Diana Prince AKA Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Batman is now a mentor and a friend to these new sidekicks, some underexposed leagues; Arthur Curry AKA Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Barry Allen AKA Flash (Ezra Miller), and Victor Stone AKA Cyborg (Ray Fisher), who finally step into the big screen with a mission to protect the universe they’re born into.

Above trailer shows Bruce Wayne AKA Batman (Ben Affleck) and Diana during the idea development of the league. A new threat arrives and there’s only little time left to gather the trio. Later are some scenes showing off each superpower, closed by a glimpse of a solid teamwork they’ll have in the movie. Seems the cold and tiresome Batman will get his spirit up.

Release Schedule: November 2017


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