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Kong: Skull Island Trailer: An Access to Any Curiosity About the King’s Long-Told Habitat

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Kong: Skull Island Trailer: An Access to Any Curiosity About the King’s Long-Told Habitat

Kong: Skull Island will grant our curiosity an access to the king’s habitat, since it’s always told to be an undiscovered island called Skull Island, yet without any backstory why it’s named so. It’s easy to guess that either Skull Island has a mountain resembles a skull or contains large number of skulls. Regardless of which the director, Jordan Vogt-Roberts (The Kings of Summer), prefers, we manage to be curious more of Kong becoming the king of the island. Does it merely his size and combat skill frighten other species make him the invincible?

Probably, since we can’t find another reason yet. King Kong is always visually described super enormous despite we’re still uncertain if it’s only a hyperbola of large apes; gorilla and orangutan. Nevertheless, King Kong is still an animal of myth, unlike dinosaurs which had been biologically proven long time exist and extinct. And unlike dinosaurs who were born predators, both inside and outside the Park, King Kong appears more than a prehistoric animal due to its proximity to evolution of human.

In the fiction world, King Kong is given a signature legacy which has lasted from version to version. Born with a concept of Beauty’s Beast in 1933, King Kong has appeared as a king of jungle with an unspoken desire. No matter how deep and boggy that tropical forest he lives in, his encounter with Ann Darrow gives him a bright ray of romantic sensation, gives him a sort of man characteristic.

With a brand new premise as Kong: Skull Island is a reboot to all King Kong’s remakes, let’s get ready to meet King Kong seemingly out of mind. The absence of Darrow will silence his heart and grow his rage, as the new King Kong is given a new context, a Godzilla-esque ape with a nature of monster. A dramatic change it is but we remain optimistic there’s a twist with potential of celebrating that legacy in the end of the story.

A group of explorers and armed forces undertake the risk of finding the secret of a mysterious island. Welcomed with a dark and unfriendly nature of atmosphere, little do they know that the king is from afar watching, preparing a welcome for these trespassers. Led by James Conrad (Tom Hiddleston) with the support of Packard (Samuel L. Jackson), the mission is set in 1970s, thus equipped with more advanced technology comparing to 1930s.

Brie Larson (Room) joins the team by playing a role of photojournalist. Other names including John Goodman (10 Cloverfield Lane) as a government official and Toby Kebell (Warcraft, Ben Hur) as an army colleague to James and Packard. The trailer is full of poetic yet fun tone, indicating that lovey dovey potential remains somewhere behind the monstrous frontier.

Release Schedule: March 2017

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