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Mad Max: Fury Road Movie Review: Undoubtedly Fueled by a Mad Driven Energy, It’s a Fantastic Must-See

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Mad Max: Fury Road Movie Review: Undoubtedly Fueled by a Mad Driven Energy, It’s a Fantastic Must-See

Overall Rating:

Mad Max: Fury Road is easily the best action movie this summer and watching this George Miller‘s masterpiece really makes our day so lovely. The costume, the production design, the vehicles, the music. All drive us so mad.

Nuz (played by Nicholas Hoult) screaming What a Lovely Day is no wrong. Since the movie starts, the wild beauty of Australian (read: actually Namibian) outback has pleased our eyes with a major visual transformation since the last Mad Max in 1985. This 4th installment of the franchise is fueled with maximum speed and energy; jaw-dropping practical effects (yes only little overt CGI), great storyline, and unique characters with inarguable depth.

Although the limit is mostly among sand, sky, rocks, and water, Mad Max: Fury Road pumps more than enough adrenalin for us to stay focus on a lot bigger universe; the engaging plot and ballsy action scenes. But what we find more interesting is that Max Rockatansky is not the only toughest.

In fact, Imperator Furiosa with her tragic childhood and soaring hope to find a new land has shown that woman might rule the future desert wasteland. Well … this might upset most big fans of the franchise but it seems that Max indeed needs a sidekick before he loses insanity. Fortunately, we see this issue go balance.

The Fury Road Starts …

The title clearly portrays how fury and mad Max’s new journey is. “Who was more crazy? Me, or everyone else?”  Presumed to be set few years after Mad Max:  Beyond Thunderdome, Max is still wandering, looking for one and another way around to survive the desert and his own madness. Under the scorching sun and arid dystopian land, Max begins to be broken; haunted by nightmare of sins, and uncivilized. He thinks whatever and eats whatever, even a gecko flat on the very first scene. He talks to one but to his inner self, just like how he narrates us in the opening.

The post-apocalyptic situation gets even worse when Immortan Joe rules and monopolizes valuable sources; water, fuel, and even young women (breeders, sexual chattel called Wives). Max who is an ex-cop remains only with few valuables, including a car and a leather jacket, also becomes a captive of Joe’s and the worst, is taken for his blood.

Mad Max: Fury Road Movie Review

Soon after Max is captured and becomes a blood bag for this new character army called War Boys, we’re introduced to Furiosa who’s supposed to take order from Joe but finally conducts a detour. Her own mission is to exchange the gasoline tank she drives with a passage to Green Place where she believes to provide nurturing land and a new hope for the Wives. Unfortunately, her mission is halted by Joe’s boys  and forces her nothing but to trust the new acquainted Max. More than pretty much you think, the story goes on more interesting with the trust issue between Max and Furiosa.

Furiosa VS Max

Soon after Furiosa is introduced, we know that’s she’s a heroine. Although she barely appears in any previous Mad Max movies, she easily steals the spotlight and even overwhelms Max in term of driving skill and stamina. In other words, Charlize Theron easily rises into the top list of actresses with toughest role after Monster (2003) and Snow White and the Huntsman (2012). Hence, Theron with her slender towering figure easily intimidates Max, even with only a single arm.

Mad Max: Fury Road Movie Review

While Max who’s been almost mad definitely needs someone, or maybe a group of someone, to bring him back to life. Although actually it’s not Max’s hope to live a new life but Furiousa’s, watching him helping her gives us a sense of sentimental mood of a Max after all these passing years. Having lost his family since the first Mad Max, he has been traumatic all his life, and we personally think the Max Tom Hardy conveys in this movie is what the new Max all about.

The Max Hardy plays talks pretty less and act more, thus we keep trying to capture the haunted emotion on his face. Fortunately, Hardy has been expert being a troublesome in Locke (2013) and exiled villain in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises (2012). Not only Mad Max is about playing the ups and downs but also going constantly insane for as long as one can. And even Hardy’s Max is actually very humane and just off to wild for a while, he plays the wild part quite satisfying.

Potential Sequel

How could we not expect another sequel, especially one involving another journey of Furiosa and the backstory of her missing arm? We also love to see Hardy’s Max more developed; given a flashback of his past and opportunity of further relationship with Furiosa.

Not to forget the Wives who are played by talented supermodels and actresses; Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Riley Keough, Zoe Kravitz and Courtney Eaton. They are definitely a necessary sex appeal amidst the hot cruel desert, thus we love to see more of them if a sequel is to be made.

To wrap it up, Mad Max: Fury Road is beyond expectation, sets the almost forgotten franchise into a new level, and defines a new futuristic world for Max’s seemingly endless journey. Undoubtedly, a great contender for every upcoming action flick and inevitably a movie we might watch for times ’til we go mad like Max and everyone else.

Mad Max: Fury Road Movie Review

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