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Moonwalkers Movie Review: The Bold and Brave Move Turns Into a Inappropriate Satire

Moonwalkers Movie Review


Moonwalkers Movie Review: The Bold and Brave Move Turns Into a Inappropriate Satire

This review contains no spoilers


First question must be pouring in Moonwalkers is whether America really got their men land on the moon in 1969. Please don’t take any answer seriously cos regardless of the answer, Moonwalkers only intends to open audience a silver lining of what actually happened. Do the controversies ring true, particularly the one involving movie director Stanley Kubrick (A Clockwise Orange, 2001: Space Odyssey, Lolita) as the rocket pilot? Oops … the man behind-the-scenes we mean.

Please don’t take our introduction falsely, as later comes the contradiction. The silver lining is a bold and brave move but the details turn inappropriate. By now, Russia probably laughs and America hardly pulls the odd humor off cos after all, not only the facts matter but also the silly effort to forge the landing.

To start, Moonwalker puts all blame to the worried American government. Extremely fearing that the mission will fail, an idea to hire Kubrick after his notorious 2001: Space Odyssey, emerges and drags a CIA agent, Ron Perlman (Kidman) out of his delusion. Kidman is assigned to deal with Kubrick and manage to deliver footage on time, by means soon after (if) the mission fails. Unfortunately, comes our antihero, a Hogwarts alumnus, Rupert Grint (Johnny), intentionally mistakes himself as Kubrick’s agent but later becomes Kidman’s last resort.

Moonwalkers Movie Review

Not so Risky Ending

Obviously, Antoine Bardou-Jacquet as director takes a huge risk with this project. He is a French who’s advantaged by the controversy, thus will only blamed for his guts, not his belief. But when the risk uncontrollably goes further, his guts is overwhelmed by public reaction. In other words, the faking process can be so ridiculously made up, but the ending shouldn’t harm any interest.

On the top, we easily see Moonwalkers as Jacquet’s wild imagination of anyone taking the project but Kubrick. However, on deeper layers, Moonwalkers is seemingly a satire to discredit America regarding the fraud. Lastly, we assume Jacquet has been fed up with controversy and made his own way to deliver an answer. Well, at least there’s someone who cares to clean up this particular dirty hoax even has to end up in failure due to lack of sensitivity and objectivity.

Moonwalkers Movie Review

No Cast Takes Off

The fake footage shows a rocket taking off to the sky while there’s actually none. Kidman and Johnny stick to their ground, monitoring everything closely on earth. It’s the fact. And when Kidman lives in his delusional Vietnam war and Johnny is trapped in-between the planetary state, their relationship is intervened by a tempting hippie goddess, Ella (Erica Sainte), giving Kidman and Johnny a weary interaction. Both must work together but rarely balance each other, and when Ella successfully distracts Kidman with her charm, the moon project previously entangling Kidman and Johnny becomes a leftover.

Perlman-Grint hardly make a good pair and their solo perfomance is pretty much the same. Despite his towering figure, Perlman is less intimidating. Coherently, swearing words don’t make Grint a jerk. Wait until you see the avant-garde version of Kubrick who thinks his belly jumping footage a masterpiece. They’re altogether plunged into a thin plot with superficial details and soon screw up the mankind history.

Director: Antoine Bardou-Jacquet

Cast: Ron Perlman, Rupert Grint, Robert Sheehan, Erica Sainte

Duration: 107 mins


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