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Mr. Right Movie Review: The Super Adorable Leads Make Every Moment Unnecessarily Right but Always Fun

Mr Right Movie Review
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Mr. Right Movie Review: The Super Adorable Leads Make Every Moment Unnecessarily Right but Always Fun

This review may contain mild spoilers


We barely see the glitches cos Anna Kendrick (Up in the Air, Pitch Perfect) is super adorable and Sam Rockwell (Moon, Laggies) is super charming, making Mr. Right unnecessarily right but always loaded with fun. The romantic plot is actually quite bizarre but we praise its being also both quirky and adventurous, and apparently, the chemistry sparks light and well between the cross-generational pair. Kendrick, 27, plays a sweet yet hyper single while Rockwell, 47, plays a psycho hitman turned a normal man accidentally in love.

The creative mind is Max Landis whose previous scripts are anti-mainstream and compelling in a way hardly seen (Chronicle, American Ultra). But unlike the two, Mr. Right’s is less complicated and depends much on the casts playing the nature of their characters.

Met by a Cute yet Weird Situation

The movie starts without much explanation on Francis’s (Rockwell) killing retirement and this decision is even uncompromised after he meets Martha (Kendrick) at a cute chance. His previous cold heart now can feel and his mood swings with happiness ever since he meets her at a supermarket, and not surprisingly vice versa. Despite whatever alarms Francis but the strike of love of the first sight, on the other hand, Martha is amazed by the skillful Francis catching flying condoms in cosmic wave.

Martha, a free spirit, if not a hyper or wild chick, meets Francis soon after her being busted by a boyfriend. She’s overwhelmed by the love crisis but welcomes the warm energy as well as scary mystery Francis ignites her with. Next are series of funny moment between the two; the revelation and the acceptance, making Martha and Francis among the world’s unique couple. Funny by means intermittently weird and truly fun might catch us deep-fried in between anytime but both always break the ice before the moment is too unsaturated.

Their conflict is still refreshing even there’s no such plausible backstory besides two gifted weirdos met by a weird situation. The first quarter hour is all about bringing both meet each other and finally followed by a sub plot involving a mafia gang interfering their relationship.

Kendrick’s gripping expression and smart tongue are so much enjoyable even her Martha is often all over the place. She’s so much into Francis as well as avoids him when she figures out his killing jokes are scary truth. And when she finally becomes part of the war, her hyperactivity level gets higher and supports Francis killing all the bad people.

Mr Right Movie Review

Here’s the real spoiler. We’re a huge fan of Rockwell. His sort of Chris Evan‘s look and smirking smile match Kendrick almost in every away despite their age difference. His Frances nails the killing dancing moves, the quick witty jokes, and of course the multiple kissing scenes with Kendrick.

There’re some glitches especially the instant approach prior to Francis and Martha’s decision to hook up just 10 hours after the meeting, but soon they’re forgotten by the time both click each other and fill each other’s head with bullets of delusional fun.

Director: Paco Cabezas

Cast: Anna Kendrick, Sam Rockwell, Tim Roth, Pabo Cabezas

Duration: 95 mins


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