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Open Water 3: Cage Dive Movie Review: Only If the Cage Went Deeper

Cage Dive Movie Review


Open Water 3: Cage Dive Movie Review: Only If the Cage Went Deeper

This review contains no spoilers


We recently watched 47 Meters Down and learn that some girls just wanna some fun. But this kind of fun is proven horrid once they enter the open water in a closed cage. And most people just don’t learn, making the same mistake, worse, with a much more intolerable result.

Watch Cage Dive, the 3rd installment of Open Water series (2003), using a documentary technique to bring more fun and thrill into the plot. All bloopers just revealed, bringing the fun it needs. The thrills almost feel real especially when the crisis is continuously recorded. The fear, the hope, the regret, all are mixed up to deliver the simple message this movie wants to give to the audience.

Cage Dive Movie Review

There’s nothing outstanding but simply entertaining as other shark movies do. The movie opens with trio of friends go for shark cage diving in Australia as part of a reality show’s prerequisite. Megan (Megan Peta Hill), Josh (Josh Potthoff), and Jeff (Joel Hogan) are carefree youngsters, looking for challenge in life. The only drama is their mischief love triangle which unfortunately stinks once it’s about to be emphasized.

Not long after their cage is lowered, not long after the three enjoy the thrill of getting so close with the sharks, their cage shakes and goes broken, letting go them unsafe. Apparently, an unexpected tsunami hits and shoves their boat away, leaving them stranded far from the beach. As expected, their worst nightmare comes out and makes that day the day of truth. Who cheats and gets cheated? If there’s one wanted to be dead, who’s going to be?

The movie is too light to bear many critics so we try not to focus on the downsides. The cast are quite amusing and the CG sharks are quite intimidating. There’s so much things could be explored here despite the 80 minutes of running time. Probably it’s just the cage didn’t go deeper.

Director: Gerald Rascionato

Cast: Megan Peta Hill, Joel Hogan, Josh Potthoff, Mark Fell, Pete Valley

Duration: 80 mins


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