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Parasyte: Part 2 Movie Review: Slowing Down the Pace, This Part Pulls Off More Strength of Characters and Drama

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Parasyte: Part 2 Movie Review: Slowing Down the Pace, This Part Pulls Off More Strength of Characters and Drama

This review contains mild spoilers


Directing two-part featured movie of 10 volumes of manga and 24 episodes of anime is unarguably a tough work, but fortunately the result is quite satisfying. Hence, Parasyte: Part 2 must be an awaited sequel for those watching the first part regardless how much they enjoyed it.

Continuing the journey of Migi and now gloomy and vengeful Shinichi Izumi,  Japanese box office virtuoso Takashi Yamazaki (Stand by Me Doraemon, The Eternal Zero) seemingly slows down the pace in order to bring out more strength of the characters, develop their interaction, and shove in more drama into this part. And we think his strike of balance on these components is quite a strategy.

The bond between Shinichi and Migi gets stronger while the dilemma within Ryoko Tamiya starts to troublesome her often these days, especially after she delivers a baby boy. Although we find the interaction between our hero and his alienated sidekick is still fun and adorable to watch, now we’re more into Ryoko’s persistent on seeking the silver lining between human and her kind.

Pretty much the dilemma Ryoko experiences accentuates her role and kind of overwhelms our hero. Playing Ryoko, Eri Fukatsu is just flawless in every aspect. Her toneless low voice, her sharp focus eyes, and her petite figure convinces us that she’s indeed the smartest parasyte out there. Hiding behind an aspiring human body, Ryoko breaks the stereotype of parasyte being enstranged but intimidating, respected, and charming.

Parasyte Movie Review

And the Story Continues …

Now, being a mother, Ryoko naturally develops a sort of affection she hasn’t fully understood. Only until she finally realizes she can laugh and enjoy being relaxed like a human, she knows that her mission to endure lust ain’t no wrong.

The real problem occurs when her advice is no longer heard and the rest of parasytes are cannibalizing their own out of her permission. Despite the fact that she has to control the rest of her kind, Ryoko has another duty, keeping Migi and Shinichi out of a danger which unfortunately she can’t help either.

The city is recently ruled by the vicious mayor and in state of a chaos with human-like parasytes linger everywhere. The mayor who is supposed to take order from Ryoko, finally deserts to Goto without her consent. Long story short, the officials finally take action; start scanning everyone working in the city hall and murdering every detected parasyte which finally leads to the mayor who surprisingly appears only as a bait.

Parasyte Movie Review

The Disturbing Romance Is Saved by the Epic Tentacular Fight Scene

You must have been wondering where Satomi Murano is. Well … she’s being fine although still very traumatized with the incident killing all her friends. Although she’s also devastated with Shinizhi, she finally overcomes it by realizing that he is also a victim and being hunted by other parasytes.

Although we enjoy seeing the chemistry between both being developed exactly like the anime and manga, unfortunately we also find this doesn’t fit in the sequence. It’s true that the romance between these lovebirds is long awaited to be seen live but again, it doesn’t live up the expectation and worse, fail to impress either. While we expect for a climax, the romance interferes in a quite awkward way, makes the built tension slowly but sure crumble beneath our feet. That’s why.

Parasyte Movie Review

Lucky that like other great closing chapters, Parasyte: Part 2 delivers an epic battle scene and heartfelt ending which quite pay off our disappointment. The tentacular fight between Shinichi feat. Migi and Goto is so restless that consumes, not only most of our energy but also our attention.

Playing the strongest parasyte, the alpha male of Ryoko, Tadanobu Asano successfully shows a intolerably cruelty with his stern look and only minimum words to say. On the other hand, our hero, Shota Somatani, although starts his days cold and out of spirit, finally shed tears and get back to life, thus we can breathe a sigh of relief for his character.

Regardless so many climaxes occur near the end and some are likely to turn wrong, we find most of them are actually essential to close this part. As a whole, Parasyte: Part 2 is an accomplished live action project of Yamazaki despite the en route stumbling romance. Especially for those love seeing Sometani being his cutest, Parasyte: Part 2 has started playing in Indonesia (blitzmegaplex and Platinum Cineplex only) since today. Watch, bid farewell, and enjoy some final tears like we do.

Director: Takashi Yamazaki

Cast: Shota Somatani, Eri Fukatsu, Tadanobu Asano

Duration: 117 mins

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