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Results Movie Review: Training Physical Strength Requires Endurance and Watching This Romcom Is Likewise

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Results Movie Review: Training Physical Strength Requires Endurance and Watching This Romcom Is Likewise

This review contains mild spoilers


If you’re doing a workout and getting less motivated these days, you’d better watch Results. Taking place mostly in a gym and shooting its casts exercising; planking to squatting, running to weight lifting, this movie can arouse you to get back in track and shape.

Once we heard a local physical trainer said that it’s not only about being strong but also endurant. It’s not only about showing off muscles but also keeping up the energy. It’s not only about having those visibly toned-abs and bikini lines but also a strong core, thus makes this profession is likely tough due to high commitment and dedication. And just like commitment requires patience, so do we with exactly same patience while watching this flick.

The pace seems to be deliberately designed to exercise our patience and keep us in suspense on what each character’s motive is. Are they playing it simply for sport or is it an exercise to find true love and meaning of life? If they keep so persistent on what they believe, especially Trevor (Guy Pearce) with his holistic belief and Kat (Cobie Smulders) with her stubborn head, what do they actually aim for?

First, we get introduced to this character, Danny (Kevin Corrigan) who has just got rich and divorced, thus wandering around ways to spend money. Little does he know when he stops by at a local gym run by a hot trainer, Trevor, he starts to experience a new brand track of life. But only when Danny subscribes a 2-year-session with a tight beauty trainer named Kat played by Cobie Smulders, his track gets twisted.

Results Movie Review

Despite Kat’s kind of cold and sarcastic sense of humor, Danny gradually grows love for her which she firstly reciprocates but unfortunately later calls it an objection. Considering Danny’s proposal unprofessional, Kat quits from training him. Hence, after being left by her potential clients due to some philosophical reasons, Kat finally quits her job as trainer and leaves Trevor a sort of unease.

Easy to guess that there’s both something wrong and right between Trevor and Kat. Although both know it’s inappropriate, often they sleep together. They’re in love but have different visions and different ways of handle things. While Trevor cares only about things in whole, Kat loves to talk about details, something we can see Trevor always avoid from.

Kat’s Smulder Brings Up a Nagging Sense to Trevor’s Pearce

With sharp tongue and undetected motive, Smulders makes her Kat a sort of mystery. You might also sense the love-hate relationship between her and Trevor has actually been happening for some time by now. But whether they’re still in love and expecting for each other or keep denying their true feelings until the end the story is what requires our patience the most.

Since Result starts, Kat brings up a nagging sense to Trevor, making us suspicious about what is actually wrong between these two. Until we finally arrive on those Kettlebell scenes (first is with the Kettleball guru and second is when Kat suddenly bangs her Kettleball on the table) where Kat impulsively yet intentionally bash his holistic belief right on him, we grasp what their problem is.

Kat easily dominates Trevor’s world while Trevor apparently can’t live without Kat but also reluctantly to admit so. Lucky that this sort of Trevor’s feeling gets much help by Danny’s unpredictable comedic behaviour.

When Danny brings in Trevor into his gym investment project, the two rekindle and for a while Trevor forgets about Kat. But when Danny suprisingly involves Kat (who’s looking for financial stability and tangible prospect) into the project, anxiety starts arousing the trio. What does the motive Danny keep behind him? Reuniting the lovebirds?

Results Movie Review

Kevin Corrigan’s Important Role

Not only  its quirky plot and interesting topic makes Result an enjoyable watch, but also the casts perfectly chosen to suit the places. Prior to Results, we only know Smulders as a pretty actress and that pretty intelligent Maria Hill of Avengers. We hardly know she can play such a complex and physically well-built character.

Playing Kat, Smulders shows everything she’s got. She’s strong, she’s witty, she’s annoying but also so likable. She’s really a good match for Pearce, makes every scene between the two feel sparked off. Pearce whose past resume was an Australian bodybuilder balances Smulders with his charm and gentlemanship. Although it’s not easy for his character to relate with Kat, we can see him really trying, thus make the stubborn head Kat soften her usual ferocious blow.

And while the two train our patience throughout the movie, Corrigan slips in like a blessing without alarm. Although physically he’s the only one with fat problem, Corrigan is also the one who delivers nourishing protein everyone needs. By the time Kat and Trevor rekindle, they should give Danny something precious in return. Physical trainer duo won’t do any harm but helping Danny burn his fat way faster.

Director: Andrew Bujalski

Cast: Guy Pearce, Cobie Smulders, Kevin Corrigan

Duration: 105 mins

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