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Swiss Army Man Trailer: Brilliant Bizarreness Strikes When One Is Desperately Looking Forward to Death



Swiss Army Man Trailer: Brilliant Bizarreness Strikes When One Is Desperately Looking Forward to Death

The trailer arouses our curiosity of how the movie looks like in a whole. Daniel Radcliffe (Horns, Victor Frankenstein) plays another quirky character (in order to stop reminding us he’s the obsolete Harry Potter), a hornless living corpse. And while Radcliffe won’t be doing any spell (he’s dead anyway), his co-star, Paul Dano (12 Years of Slave, Love & Mercy), is desperately looking forward to death. Interesting, what happens next is not a dead silence but a rare fun as the nearly dead situation is altered into a sort of bloody exciting thing one should do before he dies.

It’s easy to find Swiss Army Man a potential fun to watch. First, the jovial atmosphere injected into the depression of being lonely isn’t to ridicule but to enlighten. And even it’s not as technologically advanced as having a sexy talking OS like on Her (2013), sparing loneliness by exploiting a dead body into a handful Swiss Army knife is already many steps ahead.

A directorial debut of duo Dan; Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, later stylized as Daniels, Swiss Army Man has transmitted a brilliant bizarreness effect since its premiere at Sundance Film Festival in January 2016 and we just agree. The trailer shows a surreal interaction between Dano’s Hank and Radcliffe’s Manny, surpassing any human survival normal instinct. Water gliding powered by human fart, air-rocketing fueled by burning fire, do all these really happen or is it a wild imagination of Hank’s sick mind?

Replaying the trailer to analyze whatever possible motive is but to no avail, we expect the answer of above speculations is a twist we hardly think of. Especially seeing Radcliffe is as convincing as a corpse as well as a hijacked live puppet, we know his character won’t be that easy to read. Is Manny regarded as somebody Hank grateful to have or simply some physical body to lean on instead? Indeed, there’s so much revelation we should anticipate here.

Release Schedule: January 2016

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