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The Death Cure Trailer: The Dystopian Future Vibe Isn’t Over Yet

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The Death Cure Trailer: The Dystopian Future Vibe Isn’t Over Yet

If you think the dystopian future vibe is over, please don’t. Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) and friends have still got the last chapter to run about despite the real motive of W.C.K.D and existence of Cure is a long way from being found. The Death Cure now enters a seemingly no man’s land with no Maze, no Grievers, no Scorch, no Cranks. Really?

Let’s recall the ending of The Scorch Trials (2015). After Thomas cs successfully escape the artificial Scorch and arrive at Right Arm‘s base camp, they’re ambushed by W.C.K.D. Some Gladers, including Minho (Ki Hong Lee), are taken as hostages, forcing Thomas cs to reroute their track. Ironically, breaking into W.C.K.D won’t be easy as there’s another Trial called Last City. Turning out to be deadliest Trial of all, Thomas must once again lead his friends breaking out the boundary with the worst scenario that the threats coming up altogether.

Wes Ball returns as director thus this final chapter is a single part he always wants it to be. Despite our doubt on the remaining plot will be successfully transferred all at once, The Death Cure will serve most thrilling rides if Ball keeps the formula consistently effective. Most of the characters are also developed as they start to remember who they are and understand their roles in the game. Everyone starts off with a clean slate in Maze Runner but now it’s time for some to reveal their ugly past. It’s also time to reveal who are meant to survive the game and vice versa.

The trailer shows The Death Cure is more action packed and the leads now grow tougher. The romance gets a spark as Thomas gets bewildered after finding out Teresa’s (Kaya Scodelario) ugly truth at the end of The Scorch Trials. Will more friendship get torn later? Or is it later understood as part of succeeding the mission of finding Cure?

Release Schedule: 26 January 2018


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