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The Death Cure Trailer: The Dystopian Future Vibe Isn’t Over Yet

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The Death Cure Trailer: The Dystopian Future Vibe Isn’t Over Yet

If you think the dystopian future vibe is over, please don’t. Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) and friends’s still got a final chapter to go through despite the real motive of WICKED and existence of The Cure need a long way to be found. The Death Cure now enters the world of wilderness, with no walls, no Grievers, no desert, no Cranks. But really?

Thomas, Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster), Minho (Ki Hong Lee) and the rest of the survived Gladers once again escaped the WICKED’s artificial landscape AKA The Scorch, this time they’re free to go to any direction. But what seems to be an outside world apparently is another labyrinth called The Last City. Turning out to be deadliest landscape of all, Thomas must once again lead his friends breaking out the boundary. But even they succeed, what will they up to? Another gameplay or the apocalypse AKA The Flare itself?

Wes Ball returns for direction thus this final chapter is a single part. Although we kinda doubt the remaining plot will be successfully transferred at once, The Death Cure will serve most thrilling rides if Ball keeps the formula consistently effective. Reading the novel, we learn most characters are developed; enemies becomes friends and vice versa, new conspiracy emerges, adding fuel to the fire. There’s no way to save all without sacrificing some and unfortunately there’s no much options left for Thomas to choose who and who.

The trailer shows The Death Cure is more action packed and its teenage leads now grow up tougher. The romance gets a spark too as Thomas gets bewildered after finding out Teresa’s (Kaya Scodelario) ugly truth as well as Brenda’s (Rosa Salazar). Let’s hope Ball won’t miss out the important details we’d like to see on screen.

Release Schedule: January 2018


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