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The Magnificent Seven Movie Review: Bigger Than the Story, It’s More of the Legendary Septet of Gunslingers Gets Reassembled and Pulls Off the Fun Altogether



The Magnificent Seven Movie Review: Bigger Than the Story, It’s More of the Legendary Septet of Gunslingers Gets Reassembled and Pulls Off the Fun Altogether

This review contains no spoilers


On paper, they look like superheroes gets assembled into Avengers or Justice League, but on screen, given the rocky setting and dusty tone of the wild wild west of American Western, they’re the rebirth of 60’s hit, The Magnificent Seven. Hence, besides role-playing the characters of their predecessors (read: using brand new names), the brand new gang is also given a chance to bring in the nature of every own, resulting in an easy-to-enjoy remake as every actor doesn’t seem playing hard to get, especially Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World) who keeps being himself, the funny guy. Let’s talk the rest later.

Despite the absence of originality AKA predictable plot, this remake of Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, The Equalizer) delivers an entertaining friendship drama and far-from-boring long gunfight climax. The handsome truth, we actually enjoy the series of gunshot which rarely aim high but sharp while the ugly truth, we actually hard to find any part of the movie literally magnificent as everything is … predictable. Good guys aim on bad guys thus win the war forsake of the weak and poor. A classic conflict which fortunately can never go wrong.

Yes, there’s no surprise but smooth fun along with big action scenes. Seeing the complete list of the cast and Fuqua best known for his action and thriller directorial techniques, it’s safe to say that Magnificent Seven won’t be disappointing for fans. But to make it easier to enjoy, let’s say that Fuqua wants to keep the story simple to give more time slot focusing on characters; making all of them look unique and important thus become much bigger than the story.

The Story of Rebirth

This remake opens up its fight by showing how villainous a corrupt landlord can be. Bartholomew Bogue (played so hellish cool by Peter Saarsgard) gives no mercy to Rose Creek‘s villagers by seizing their land and houses without proper negotiation and pay. He even burns church (as well as despises God) and makes remaining villagers his gold mining slaves.

Long story short, Bouge makes Emma Cullen (Haley Bennet) a widow, resulting in her seeking help from a lone wolf justice officer, Sam Chisolm (Denzel Washington). Later, we learn how Chisolm gets help from strangers and friends in total of six. Chisolm himself makes the gang Magnificent Seven while Cullen herself is a Joan of Arc. (Yes, please expect even the slightest of girl power among the blast of masculinity.) The gang is ready and the rest is all about gathering remaining forces to fight Bogue in time.

The Magnificent Movie Review

Meet the Rest Six

As we give hint above, we can’t praise the plot but the brand new chemistry of the seven. Mostly are strangers to each other but with a mission to help Cullen reviving the land as well as future of Rose Creek, Chisolm cs team up their best as a team of experienced gunslingers. What remains as interesting as the original version is that this gang consists of assorted (or eclectic) origins and backgrounds; from Mexican to Asian, from a lonely drifter to a laid-back retiree who apparently is still fired up for an adventure.

Wisdom comes from Chilsolm (Denzel Washington) whose life is mostly spent fighting crimes. Drama and dilemma come from Goodnight “Goodie” Robicheaux (Ethan Hawke) who was once a great sharpshooter but now only a legend haunted by his past. Pratt’s Joshua Faraday, as we expected, brings in his sweet charm and comical effect while distant and cool nuance is oozed by a former assassin now a bestie to Goodie, Billy Rocks (Lee Byung Hyun).

Also meet Red Harvest (Martin Sensmeier) who is an Indian but feel the need to help White People and Jack Horne (Vincent D’Onofrio) who proves an old man is still the wisest of all. Vasquez (Manuel Garcia Rulfo) develops a love-hate friendship with Faraday, brings this remake hilarious insults which Pratt might not pull off alone. Yeah … what a relief that Magnificent Seven actually pulls off the fun altogether.

Director: Antoine Fuqua

Cast: Chris Pratt, Denzel Washington, Lee Byung Hun, Ethan Hawke, Haley Bennet, Peter Saarsgard

Duration: 133 mins


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