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The Shallows Trailer: Beyond Blake Lively’s Soaking Wet, Lies an Effective Detail We Can’t Let Sink

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The Shallows Trailer: Beyond Blake Lively’s Soaking Wet, Lies an Effective Detail We Can’t Let Sink

We rarely anticipate killer shark movie but a simple yet effective detail offered by The Shallows has changed our mind. With a bonus of killer blonde as the female badass, Blake Lively (Green Lantern, The Age of Adaline), it’s no longer an ordinary survival movie. Hence, behind the scene is Jaume Collet-Serra, a Spanish film director with bloody cold pieces; House of Wax  (2005) and Orphan (2009).

Don’t get wronged with the predictable plot cos that details seemingly turns any ordinary into a maximum thrill, giving a critical moment it needs. Don’t get wronged with the conspicuous trailer even you can guess right what happens in the first half, since the end might appear brilliant despite the formulaic combination of human intellect and grace of mother nature.

The conflict starts just like others; while surfing alone in a seemingly watery paradise, Nancy (Lively) is suddenly tossed by a great white shark. But unlike others debating the mazes of way out with only little chance of survival, Nancy is given a less complicated yet ironic situation. Less complicated by means Nancy is stranded only 183 metres away from shore, which is actually a quite short length to swim. But her situation turns into irony when the shark is circling her only “rock” safe harbor, keeping an eye on her 24/7. To worsen, the island is isolated and Nancy is suddenly in a Cast Away scheme.

The Shallows Movie Trailer

Seen on both trailers, the water level around the rock is soon to rise and Nancy’s only option requires her to be smart and have guts in handling the situation. Can she trick the shark to suffice her time to reach the shore? Or an inevitable hand-to-hand combat instead? It must be her critical moment between life and death.

There have been many (read: mediocre) titles of shark movie in 2000’s throughout 2010’s but only Deep Blue Sea (1999) remains fresh in our mind. No wonder if now we consider The Shallows as a breakthrough after the long hiatus and it feels great to see the genre is preserved and brought up back pretty serious. Along with pretty fit Lively soaking wet all over the place, we can’t wait for the hunting season to start sooner.

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Release Schedule: August 2016


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