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Thor: Ragnarok Trailer: Away From Asgard, Thor Seems to Have All His Childhood Dreams Come True

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Thor: Ragnarok Trailer: Away From Asgard, Thor Seems to Have All His Childhood Dreams Come True

Wait? Is that Thor (Chris Hemsworth) just coming out from a barber shop? Is there even any barber working in Asgard? Darn it as Thor with the short chop is exactly the super god we want. He’s sexier and contented with more taste of humor, probably beats Star-Lord who’s currently holding the label, in our opinion.

Thor is obviously given a revamp, if it’s not his childhood dreams come true, not only on the look but also on the plot. Asgard needs a brand new troublemaker as well as conflict but Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and his predictable mischievous act. It turns out the new villain is someone dropping our jaw in an instance, the elegant British actress Cate Blanchett (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit) is the death goddess named Hela.

First, Blanchett’s joining MCU is a fact far beyond any blue print, it’s marvelous. The Oscar winning actress will definitely nail every ruthless scene as she seems to have been longing playing a cool antagonist. Second, Thor is exiled far from Asgard and without his hammer. He’s held captive on a planet named Sakaar, without any companion of his super colleague. Really? So why is the incredible Hulk (Mark Rufallo) showing up, surprising Thor as if such encounter had been well-planned, maybe by Iron Man?

As shown on the trailer, Thor must first defeat Hulk in a gladiatorial arena, in order to stop Hela from creating the Ragnarok of Asgard. Seemingly super David versus orcesque Goliath, Thor: Ragnarok pulls off the limit, giving the fans the wildest imagination on the result.

Also shown on the trailer, Loki has the chance to play another trick on his brother. That mischievous smile reminds us that Loki is forever a trickster, but is he mean enough to team up with Hela in order to accomplishing his ambition ruling Asgard? The trailer appears with comical style, neon font colors, and energetic Led Zeppelin‘s Immigrant Song. Is Thor about to have a similar nuance and a compilation volume of his own, just like Guardians of the Galaxy? So it’s about something personal, isn’t it?

Release Schedule: October 2017



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