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Tomb Raider Trailer: Croft Legacy Continues With Alicia Vikander Is Now Leading

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Tomb Raider Trailer: Croft Legacy Continues With Alicia Vikander Is Now Leading

It’s interesting that the usually feminine Swedish star, Alicia Vikander (Ex-Machina, The Danish Girl), turns out to be the new Lara Croft, taking in the tough chick role from Angelina Jolie (Salt, Maleficent). Vikander, now gains muscles, doesn’t look larger, even physically is undoubtedly stronger. Her nuance of intelligence shines the brightest, helping a lot as the premise of this reboot brings in Croft’s backstory as a starter.

Vikander’s openness to take such a risk, especially after winning an Oscar, indicates that she needs to go far beyond before it’s too late. Vikander, now 29, is a late bloomer in the genre, considering Jolie starts during her 26 and Jennifer Lawrence starts even younger with The Hunger Games (2012). Apparently, Vikander has been a fan of the video game since childhood, thus playing the lead and getting physical for it must be a dream comes true.

Pre-assumed that little Croft has been trained the ways of survival the earliest possible. Growing up knowing the business her father runs, only after he mysteriously disappears she acknowledges the danger he’s been living in. Later we see Croft enthusiastically embraces her own adventure, remarking her status as no longer daddy’s little girl.

The first movie is in 2001, introducing Jolie’s Croft mostly in latex bodysuit and the signature long braid. Vikander’s Croft, on the other hand, gets more casual with tank top, cargo pant and simple pony tail. Obviously, the new Croft gets her own signature to sync with the new dusty and sticky mud landscape which deals best with sweat and bare skin.

The reboot signifies that Tomb Raider is among the few successful video game movies while most fail. Tomb Raider has relied heavily on the heist plot and sex appeal of Jolie’s so an essential backstory and constructive plot must be helpful to add more values to the new era of Croft Legacy.

Fans of Daniel Wu who recently appears in Hollywood’s Geostorm must be excited to see him playing a witty sidekick to Croft. The director is Roar Uthaug whose most notable work is the Norwegian disaster movie, The Wave (2015).

Release Schedule: March 2018



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