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Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer: The More It Comes, the More We Expect Some Essentials Beyond Those Spectacular Visuals

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Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer: The More It Comes, the More We Expect Some Essentials Beyond Those Spectacular Visuals

The word “enough” doesn’t apply to Michael Bay and his mega franchise, Transformers. Once the news of his retirement spread and appealed many directors to replace his throne, Bay realized that he’s to selfish to abdicate the franchise to anyone. Other news revealed that Bay was interested with the new story developed by the new team of writers, driving him back to return, at least, for another sequel. Regardless of which the truth was, since then, the era of a new trilogy has born, started with Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) and soon followed by a sequel called The Last Knight in summer 2017.

Whatever the new story which brought appeal to Bay, we know it turned out to be convoluted to most audience. His focus is never the plot but always the spectacular visuals of action sequences among the gigantic robots. The bigger the robots are, the more fun audience see on screen, that’s how it works. Obviously, Bay is ignorant of the critics as well as most audience have grown tiresome watching the duel between Autobots and Decepticons, since this is a legacy from Bay to loyal fans. We, nevertheless, were a fan of the anime and 1st movie but gradually grew zero interest to any of it, since the essential plot and character development were continuously absent.

Technically, Transformers is a pro, especially in the audio and visual setting, and has a high bar to any robot-esque flick. It’s just that, unfortunately, these qualities never bring a symbiosis between the lame plot and most expectation. The more it comes, the more it turns the essential materials so ineffective, so dull. As a result, the plot and characters had never really developed, from time to time. It’s just a a matter of time to find whether Transformers: The Last Knight will continue this legacy of flaw or vice versa.

The trailer opens up with a glimpse of sword with blood shed in a medieval war. Followed by some aftermath snapshots in modern era and a poetic view of Optimus Prime drifting aimlessly in outer space, we later understand that mankind is once again threatened. Following scene is Prime who happens to return safely to earth but no longer as himself. The scene he says “Forgive me …” before stabbing Bumblebee clearly hints that it’s Prime’s dark call who dominates his mind.

Seen also is Mark Wahlberg (Ted, Deepwater Horizon) reprising his role as a paternal heroic, Cade Yeager. No longer accompanied by his daughter, Yeager potentially gets a new sidekick, a courageous girl who seems willingly to take any (yes, any!) part in the war. Last but not least to discuss about is the absence of the supercars. Either this is meant to deliver a dramatic introduction to plot or it’s just Bay knows what his fans want him to save the best for last. Nevertheless, let’s anticipate more trailers to come!

Release Schedule: June 2017

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