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Wonder Woman Trailer: Gal Gadot Is (Re)Born to Be Wonder

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Wonder Woman Trailer: Gal Gadot Is (Re)Born to Be Wonder

Gal Gadot is indeed a handsome pick for the brand new Wonder Woman. Gadot has a magnetic sexual appeal regardless of her less curvy bod. Her supermodel’s likeness surprisingly has the values of intelligence and morality of the superheroine. No damsel in distress, her character also gets enough cool stuffs to protect herself from harm. Fully armed, Wonder Woman is the chance for Gadot to be (re)born wonder, as her appearance in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) doesn’t show her maximum potential.

One of our most anticipated titles this year, we manage to learn further about Diana Prince‘s backstory which she herself might not know. She’s a princess with tiara but no daughter to any king. She’s made not born, by mother earth, belongs to the soil, dust, and other aspects of nature around her. It’s Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) who sculpts Diana from clay and Zeus the god who gives her a breath of life. These are later Diana call parents.

With the introduction of Wonder Woman in Batman V  Superman: Dawn of Justice and the upcoming mentoring role in Justice League (2017), a spinoff of herself is felt necessary. And here we are, about to dig in about her first encounter to human civilization and superhero world as well as the importance of her role within these two.

Accompanying Gadot is a warrior of outer galaxy, Kirk’s Chris Pine. Without his Enterprise team and lonely stranded at a remote island, Diana appears to be his only resort to cling on to. And sure, when the spark of romance comes across and later ignites a flammable desire, no such magic lasso can tie down a metahuman in a decent human life. However, traveling to a bustling city like London and learning to behave like modern people is a worthy life experience Diana doesn’t want to miss.

Release Schedule: June 2017


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